How Much Does A Professional Real Estate Photographer Cost In ?

Have you ever wondered how much a professional photographer in costs? Take a look below and find photography costs for several photography services.

How Much Does A Real Estate Photographer Cost In ?

INFOGRAPHIC: Statistics Of Photography Pricing

Let's Take A Look At Several Area, & National Statistics About Photography Pricing

Starting off in Aug of 2022, the average price for a professional photographer in is around $385. Typically, a shoot that returns approximately 35 photos costs in the range of $213. You can expect that the average shoot price will go up about $5 per photo for additional photos after the initial 35.

A shoot that returns in the neighborhood of 75 photos in can be expected to cost in the neighborhood of $450 - $550. When compared to the national US averages, shoot prices in seem to hover at around 15% below the national average. Real estate photography for listings compares in pricing to other categories such as architectural, airbnb, for sale by owner, property, interior, house, general realty, and realtor marketing photos as well as many others.

  • Comparison of average real estate photography costs based on number of photos
  • Examples of exterior and interior photo shoots for USHomePhoto
  • Comparison of drone / aerial photos in
  • Examples of drone / aerial photos in
  • Comparison of twilight / dusk photos in
  • Examples of twilight / dusk photos in

Compare photography costs by photo count for a shoot in .

INFOGRAPHIC: Comparing Photography Pricing By Photo Count

When comparing pricing for photos, make sure that you are comparing "apples to apples". In other words, there are lots of other things that can make a photo shoot great beyond the pricing of the photos. One of the obvious factors is the quality of the photography, and when comparing photo prices, this is where you could be comparing "apples to strawberries". When comparing quality of photography against pricing, it's often good to know what kind of photography they use. For instance, does the photographer / company ensure that every photographer is shooting with nearly exactly the same equipment such as a super-wide lens, high resolution DSLR, or flash equipment? These are all significant considerations when assessing pricing for real estate photography.

Interior / Exterior Photography Pricing

Number Of Photos Typical Cost In
USHomePhoto Cost
MLS Standard
USHomePhoto Cost

10 Photos $207 $129 $189
24 Photos $265 $159 $219
50 Photos $308 $189 $249

Here are a few examples of interior / exterior photography from USHomePhoto. One very unique feature of USHomePhoto is that they use blended-flash photography for all photos. This creates photos that are very bright, super colorful, color correct, and magazine quality.

Compare photography costs for aerial / drone photography by photo count for a shoot in .

INFOGRAPHIC: Comparing Photography Pricing By Photo Count

Aerial photography pricing in the area can range from $60 to $215 depening on who you select as your vendor, the number of photos, and sometimes the terrain that is being photographed with aerial. Typically, pricing for aerial / drone photography will be considerably less expensive when the aerial / drone photography is part of an entire shoot package. When the drone / aerial photography is sold as a "stand-alone" item, you can expect that the pricing will be almost double from the "in-package" pricing. In the pricing examples below, we used "in-package" pricing for determining aerial photography pricing for the area.

Aerial / Drone Photography Pricing

Number Of Photos Typical Cost In
USHomePhoto Cost

3 Photos $135 $60
5 Photos $145 $85
10 Photos $215 $110

Here are a few examples of drone / aerial photography from USHomePhoto. A unique feature of USHomePhoto drone / aerial photos is that they perform sky replacements even on aerial photos. When the skies are grey, USHomePhoto will replace them with beautiful blue skies.

Compare photography costs for twilight / dusk photography in .

INFOGRAPHIC: Comparing Photography Pricing By Photo Count

Twilight / dusk photography is a fantastic way to create impact with your listing. When you need to create impact, or jaw dropping stopping power as a potential buyer is swiping through hundreds or thousands of other real estate photos, there is rarely any better way to do that than with twilight / dusk photography. Twilight photography can range in price from $70 all the way up to around $390, and can provide from 1 to 15 photos of the exterior. Sometimes, photo shoots will include twilight photos of the interior, and the exterior, but those generally come at higher rates and can be as much as $600 for interior and exterior twilight / dusk photo shoots. When considering whether to go with a package of just exterior, or including interior and exterior, bear in mind that the cost difference can be several hundred dollars, and quite frankly, 90% of the "stopping power" of a twilight photo comes with the exterior and not the interiors.

Twilight / Dusk Photography Pricing (exteriors only)

Number Of Photos Typical Cost In
USHomePhoto Cost

1 Photo $125 n/a
3 Photos $192 n/a
10-12 Photos $325 $125

Here are a few examples of twilight photography from USHomePhoto.